Paralegal Roundtable

Paralegals from different practice areas will sit on a panel to provide valuable insight regarding the "Life as a Paralegal." This will be a round table discussion, where Paralegal Students and Paralegals new to the profession will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the paralegal experience.

Paralegal Students, New Paralegals and Paralegal Instructors are encouraged to bring any and all questions ranging from choosing a practice area to what a normal day entails as well as how to handle small tasks and large projects in addition to going to trial.

We delve into the minds of seasoned paralegals that are willing to share what they have learned to help other Paralegals be focused and productive and make wise career decisions!

It's an excellent time to help with Paralegal Studies and those working with Paralegal Students to learn more about the profession from those with hands-on experience.

We encourage all of our members to attend!