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Message from the Board

Happy Fall! I am looking forward to cooler temperatures, the leaves changing colors, and everything pumpkin! Thanks to The Simon Law Firm for providing the room and location for our September monthly meeting on Dos and Don’ts of Etiquette with Co-Workers Who Have a Disability. Our wonderful food came from McAlister’s Deli, a STLPA Business Partner! Christy Herzig’s approach to and presentation of the subject kept our attendees interested and engaged. Thank you Christy for an awesome presentation!

October is a busy, busy month for STLPA. On October 12, 2017 we held the STLPA New Member Social from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Veritext, a STLPA Business Partner. Then on Sunday, October 15, 2017 we supported our charity of the year, Magdalene St. Louis and Bravely, from 3:00-7:00 p.m.  Bravely held a fashion show which showcased some of the fantastic merchandise that they sell to help offset some of the costs associated with their program.  The models wore t-shirts and hoodies, and also highlighted some of their water bottles, mugs, makeup bags, and thank you notes, just to name a few.  Some of the top restaurants in St. Louis provided the food,which was amazing!  There were even two celebrity models, Kelly Jackson and Heidi Glaus from KSDK, News Channel 5.  It was really an honor and privilege to serve alongside Magdalene St. Louis in helping them with their biggest fundraiser of the year.  I would like to thank Joyce Scales, Mart Mitchell, Frank McKay, Stella Robinson, and Bridget Briggs for helping Magdalene and Bravely on Sunday!

And, of course, I am really excited about our 2nd Annual Fall Hayride & Weiner Roast on October 21st at Queeny Park! The event registration is full and we have started a waiting list. If you cannot attend please notify the Community and Social Affairs Committee as soon as possible. This is a terrific and fun event! You cannot go wrong with a hayride and all the goodies that we have to go with it!

Our October membership meeting will be held on October 19th at Moulin Events & Meetings, one of STLPA’s Business Partners. The CLE is From Doing the Crime, To Doing the Time, and whether you are a student, new paralegal, or been in the legal field for many years, we can all learn from this interesting topic! Our featured speaker is Kelly Hritz Camilleri with Boehmer Law, LLC, and represents clients in all manners of criminal cases, from traffic tickets and DWI’s to A and B felonies, she is sure to enlighten us on this fascinating subject.

Do you see a recurring theme here? First, there are TONS of events for you, our Members. And then, do you see how we not only encourage you to utilize our Business Partners, but we do to – any chance we get! Without our Members and Business Partners, we are nothing! We appreciate all of you!!

So, see you at our next event!

Charlotte Mabus
STLPA Secretary

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New Members

Image result for welcome fall images 

Amber Darr, Voting

Jennifer Galusha, Voting

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Member Birthdays

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We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Brittany Havin (10/1
Kathryn Dalziel (10/3)
Erin O'Donnell (10/3)
Amy Staten (10/3)
Chelsey Slape (10/9)
Harmony Miller (10/11)
Rose Pickle (10/11)
Sandra Damko (10/18)
Stacey Barger (10/19)
Amanda Pennington (10/19)
Renee Holt (10/20)
Cindy Kamp (10/20)
Margaret Hoy (10/21)
Jeremy Minster (10/21)
Stacie Black (10/23)
Kimberly Duckworth (10/25)
Melissa Swan (10/25)
Elizabeth Kennedy (10/26)
Korto Lyons (10/26)
Allison Roswell (10/26)
Diane Hoeken (10/28)
Evelyn Whitehead (10/28)
Lisa Dixon (10/29)

Terri Price (11/1)
Regina Kirkwood (11/1)
Crystal McCune (11/2)
Nicole Sullivan-Handshy (11/3)
Sandra Griffith (11/7)
Geri Best (11/7)
Michelle Caracci (11/10)
Richard Layne, Jr. (11/11)
Rosemary Schwartz (11/12)
Jennifer Brammeier (11/12)
Ceairia Perry-Chatman (11/16)
Kira Cowan (11/17)
Laura Zwilling (11/19)
Andrew Nothum (11/19)
Melinda Lynn (11/19)
Renee LaFlam (11/19)
Amber Darr (11/19)
Ashley Belloir (11/19)
Sherilyn Blair (11/21)
Wendy Pittman (11/24)
Susan Horneker (11/24)
Matthew Otey (11/26)
Mary Gaal (11/26)
Terri Moore (11/28)
Madeline Magner (11/28)
Kelley Dyer (11/30)

All of this information comes directly from your Member Profile.  If anything is incorrect, please update your Member Profile. Thank you!




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Calendar of Events





October 19, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

2017 Chouteau Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103

Featured Speaker: Kelly Hritz Camilleri



November 16, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

555 Washington Avenue, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63101

Featured Speaker: Carlean Miller



January 18, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse (Jury Assembly Room)
111 South 10th Street
St. Louis, MO 63102

Featured Speaker: Chief Deputy Clerk Lori Miller-Young



February 15, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard
600 Washington Avenue, 15th Floor
St Louis, MO 63101

Paralegal Roundtable



March 15, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


Featured Speaker: Lisa Green



April 19, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


Stay tuned ...



May 11, 2018
8:30 AM - 2:00 PM





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Job Bank


The leaves are starting to turn and we feel a change in the air.  Are you ready to make a change too?  If so, sign up for the STLPA Job Bank!  It is free to STLPA members, and if you become a Job Bank member you will receive the latest job postings from employers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.  When a law firm, corporation, governmental agency or other business submits a job posting, it is emailed to all STLPA Job Bank members.  STLPA members who are interested then send their resumes directly to the employer. 

To sign up for the Job Bank, or if your employer has a position to post with the Job Bank, please contact Christine Douglas at or Kelley Pogulis at  GOOD LUCK!   

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STLPA Mentorship Program

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Mentorship Program

The St. Louis Paralegal Association invites you to participate in the Mentorship Program.  The program is designed to share knowledge and experiences and to empower those who are students, new to the profession, switching professions or switching specialties by pairing our seasoned paralegals with paralegal students and newer paralegals.

The Program provides the Mentee with a contact within the local legal community who can give insight into the practical aspects of the paralegal profession.

Eligibility Requirements: To participate in the Mentorship Program as a mentor or mentee, the applicant must be a current/active member of STLPA.

Program Objectives

  •         Career Development
  •         Improve and effectively manage skills in the workplace
  •         Improve the Paralegal professional and morale

What is a Mentee?

A mentee, is a person, whether new or inexperienced in the field, who would benefit from the advice and guidance of a mentor.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a person who listens, supports and guides a less experienced person on a consistent basis over a specified period of time.

Who Needs a Mentor?

Anyone who could use:

  •         A role-model to demonstrate professional conduct and behavior
  •         A professional to evaluate performance
  •         An advisor to share goals
  •         A guide in a new field
  •         Help during a transition
  •         Assistance and support
  •         Vision to see potential and possibilities

Mentor Responsibilities/Expectations

  •         Be a good, active listener
  •         Encourage and demonstrate confidence in mentee, all the while creating a positive environment
  •         Show genuine interest and believes in others capabilities
  •         Provide guidance on how the mentee can develop skills and competencies (education suggestions, CLE information, articles, publications, websites) as well as broader career development and growth (membership and meeting information, volunteer opportunities, interview skills, resume writing)
  •         Share your knowledge and experiences; including successes and failures
  •         Share your professional background, including choices you made that both helped and hindered your career path
  •         Motivate your mentee to learn and grow
  •         Be loyal, honest, kind, trustworthy and patient

Mentee Responsibilities/Expectations

  •         Demonstrate your openness to coaching and feedback
  •         Listen carefully to your mentor’s advice and incorporate those insights that make sense for your career
  •         Be open to new ideas
  •         Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions
  •         Share the areas of law and career development in which you would like your mentor’s advice
  •         Share with your mentor the advice that made the most difference for you and why
  •         Follow through on commitments
  •         Share your successes and failures
  •         Confidentiality above everything else
  •         Say thank you/show your gratitude

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please complete the Mentorship Program Application and submit to:

Jeannine Moentmann, Student Representative
St. Louis Paralegal Association
c/o Lewis Rice LLC
600 Washington Avenue, Suite 2500
St. Louis, MO 63101


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Don't Miss Out! Get your Emails from STLPA!

We want to make sure that emails are getting through to everyone.  Our website administrator has given us these tips to ensure delivery of your emails from our email server.  To make sure none of your mail is being caught by your firewall or spam filtering service, you can white list (adding to your approved or safe sender list) several domains and IP addresses to ensure safe delivery.  Depending on your e-mail service, you may be able to do this yourself, or you may need the assistance of your IT administrator.  We recommend white listing the following:


Messages from the organization will usually have the same reply-to email address on them (visible if you start to reply to the message).  Adding this address to your address book or contact list can also help ensure delivery.  Adding or or any domain to the approved or safe sender list, and your address book or contact list can also help.  These changes can be helpful if e-mails are being reported as bounced, too.

We would appreciate it if you would take the time to ensure this gets done so you don’t miss out any important STLPA information.  Thanks!


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Social Media

Please join our social media groups:

FB: @stlparalegals (
Twitter: @stlparalegals (
Instagram: @stlparalegals (
Request to join our Linked In Group:  St. Louis Paralegal AssociationImage result for facebook twitter instagram

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Did You Know?

Image result for did you know

This link will direct you to the full Missouri Electronic Filing Implementation Schedule:

Do's and Don'ts of Electronic Filing - Removals and Temporary Restraining Orders

Do's and Don'ts of Electronic Filing and Court Procedures in Federal Court.

Did you know St. Louis Community College has a Facebook page for students and alumni?  It can be found as: STLCC - Legal Studies for the Paralegal at Meramec.

Did you know that the St. Louis Paralegal Association subscribes to two publications of interest to paralegals? Issues of Facts and Findings, a NALA publication, and Paralegal Today, a James Publishing, Inc. publication, are maintained by the NALA liaison. If you would like to check out a particular issue from the “library”, please contact Michelle Caracci by e-mailing her at   Please be reminded, however that each magazine and the articles therein are copyrighted.



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Business Partners

We encourage you to utilize STLPA's valued Business Partners.  Our website lists every Business Partner along with their contact information and category listing (areas of specialty). 

If you have any questions or are looking for some Business Partner information you do not see listed, please contact our Business Partner Relations Committee Chairs, Michelle Caracci ( OR 314.436.8313) or Joyce Scales ( OR 314.819.4663).

Thank you to our 2017-2018 Business Partners. 








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Member Benefits

The St. Louis Paralegal Association (“STLPA”) strives to provide a wide variety of opportunities to its members. With the cost of membership, STLPA members are afforded the following benefits:

  • Low membership dues ranging from $35.00 - $65.00 annually (Compared to other organizations that charge up to $120.00 annually)
  • Networking Opportunities:
    • Social Events
      • Proclaimed by state and local officials
      • Discounted CLE opportunity
      • Attendance prizes and giveaways
      • Special gift chosen for attendees
      • Attended by pertinent legal vendors
    • Special invitation to participate in Paralegal Day
      • Proclaimed by state and local officials
      • Discounted CLE opportunity
      • Attendance prizes and giveaways
      • Special gift chosen for attendees
      • Attended by pertinent legal vendors
  • Access to Social Media:
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
  • Community Service:
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • KidSmart
  • School supply drive
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Annual Coat Drive
  • Special charitable donations designated annually
  • Education and STLPA programs:
    • Monthly membership meetings*Up to eight (8) live NALA approved CLEs at no additional cost to STLPA members *
      • Lunch included *
    • Opportunity to win Paralegal Legend Award
    • Scholarship opportunities:
      • Student scholarships*
      • Certified Paralegal Exam
    • STLPA Job Bank
    • Internship / Mentorship Program
    • Paralegal Roundtable
    • 15% Tuition discount at Fontbonne University
  • Resources and Publications:
    • Direct mailing of monthly newsletter, Inside STLPA
    • Membership Directory
    • Vendor Directory
    • Direct connection to affiliate news
    • Updates regarding processes & technology of local court systems

* CLEs have a value of up to $99.00, according to industry norms. The cost for attending a STLPA CLE, as well as scholarship opportunities, are contingent upon vendor sponsorships and are subject to change.

For questions regarding your membership, please contact Membership Co-Chairs, Jessica Martin or Rose Pickle at or by phone at 314.561.6358 for Jessica or 314.561.6336 for Rose.

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A Moment in STLPA History

A Moment in STLPA History
In 1980 local radio stations interviewed SLALA members regarding paralegal duties and responsibilities. Joan Goodman and Deborah Belleau were interviewed by KWK Radio on 2/17/1980 in an interview titled “Your Turn” and on 3/2/1980 KXOK Radio interviewed Jane Campbell and M. McCarthy in an interview titled “Conversations”.


Throwback Photo
Evolution of the SPA Logo


STLPA Historical Timeline
Coming Soon!

If you have an interesting or fun fact about St. Louis Paralegal Association or photographs you would like to share, please send to Jeannine Moentmann OR Kenya Leonard

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Continuing Education

Did you know that members of the St. Louis Paralegal Association can get a 15% tuition discount at Fontbonne University?  Click here for more information on Fontbonne's discount

Fontbonne University is excited to announce their new One-year Professional MBA! Click her for more information on the One-year Professinal MBA



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Great news from NALA! 

The 2018 NALA Conference will be in St. Louis, July 11-13, at St. Louis Hilton at the Ballpark.

Our association has hosted several NALA Board Members over the past few years, and they have returned to NALA Headquarters with positive reports of St. Louis. Through these visits, and an earlier conference in St. Louis, it is known that we have an active association with a very welcoming group of members- and a great city!

This is an exciting opportunity for many of our paralegals to attend a National Conference.  


Click here for all of the latest NALA news.

For all of NALA Continuing Education needs, click here.

Interested in taking the NALA CP Exam?  Click here for NALA Examination information.

NALA Publication Facts & Findings.

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Ongoing Community Service Drives

Travel Size Drive

December 31, 2016
12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Ongoing Event

Our ongoing community service drive ...


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Pssst ... Guess What?


Pssst! We Hid Something on Our Website! If you find it you may win a prize.

A section symbol is hidden somewhere on our website.  If could be anywhere – tucked into a photo or stuck in a drawing … in a margin … even put in some wording.  It is this actual section symbol …


This section symbol above is just an example. It could be a different size or color (but it is this exact design).

In order to participate, you must:

  1. log into the Members Only of our website (we will check this);
  2. locate the hidden section symbol; and
  3. send an email to saying “I found the section symbol on [tell us exactly where the section symbol is located on the website]. 

Those with the correct answer by the end of the day on November 30, 2017 will be put into a random drawing to win a prize.  This month’s prize: $15 McAlister’s gift card.

Happy hunting!


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